Introduction: Online gaming is potentially harmful to a group, butnot for the entire population, of online gamers. The prevalencevaries by geographical areas, however, there are few Italian studiesabout risk factors for Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD) and itspresence among non-occasional gamers.Objectives: This study aimed to describe the presence of IGD ininternet gamers who participate in online communities, and howwell-established risk-factors can predict it.Methods: Participants were surveyed about their playing habits andother relevant characteristics. IGDS-SF9 diagnosed IGD. TAS-20measured alexithymia scores, i.e. Difficult in Identifying (DIF) andDescribing Feelings (DDF), and Externally Oriented Thinking(EOT). Selected order of variables (via linear regression) and interactionswere set in a logistic regression (outcome: IGD≥21).Results: The sample included 5,979 responders (88.7% males; 44%14-18 years-hold). Alexithymia explained the 11.3% of the variance.IGD was present in the 43% of the subjects, the risk (70%prediction-rate) was increased by male gender (OR=1.2, 95% C.I.=1, 1.5, p=0.019), higher DIF z-scores (OR=1.5, 95% C.I.=1.1, 2.1,p=0.003), boredom/loneliness feelings (OR=1.8, 95% C.I.=1.5,2, p<0.001), recent negative events (OR=1.1, 95% C.I.=1, 1.3,p=0.026), a behavioural dependency (OR=2.1, 95% C.I.=1.2, 3.9,p=0.009). Time spent playing exponentially increased the risk, up toeight times if six hours/per day were spent playing (OR=7.6, 95%C.I.=5.5, 10.6, p<0.001) and it did not interact with DIF scores(Figure-1). Figure-1Conclusions: Players who participate in forum and communitiesare particularly at-risk of IGD. DIF and time spent playing were the most important and independent predictors of a pathologicalapproach to videogames.
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