Rischi da sisma e uso di tecnologie appropriate per proteggere il patrimonio esistente : Earthquake risks and use of appropriate technologies to protect the heritage of Kos City (Greece)

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Many scientific debates about the proven relationship between earthquake and abusive building developed in Italy over the last few years. Natural disasters are facilitated and / or exacerbated by the speculative and destructive use of the environment. Moreover, natural disasters are more catastrophic if buildings don’t have all safety requirements. In the light of these considerations, this research paper focuses on the scientific comparison between the research results entitled "Interaction between seismic risk and abusive building. Morphological and typological features in seismic areas". This research is managed by the University of Palermo in partnership with the Aegean Institute, the City of Kos and the University of Thessaloniki and it aims to establish prevention and restoration methods and tools in "squatter areas" located in the Mediterranean territory, in particular in the islands of Kos and in Sicily. This research aims to provide documentary evi688 dence and to compare the environmental restoration strategies adopted in the postearthquake reconstructions of these territories.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteColloqui.AT.e 2017 DEMOLITION OR RECONSTRUCTION?
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2017

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