Riflettere in gruppo come pratica emancipativa

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A process of awareness linked to a self-observing and self-reflective practice within one's work context is very important for a personal training and organizational learning; in fact, it implies the understanding of the individual, organizational or institutional cognitive processes in which one is immersed and constitutes an indispensable space for “second level learning” to take place. This involves working on the level of meanings, not only with one's own and others' explicit ones, but also with the premises that give rise to common and shared practices.In this sense, the group dimension is fundamental because it allows the adoption of a plural rather than singular logic and helps to create a shared culture, indispensable for the changement. In an educational service this can happen thanks to a process of "context evaluation": it is an emancipatory and community practice at the same time, which has evident implications for the improvement of educational practices in a continuous temporal process that is linked to the “meta” dimension, because one learns permanently to question one's premises and observational frames by reflecting on oneself and evaluating one's educational actions, also in terms of “working group”.
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