Riconoscimento e tutela delle fattispecie contrattuali atipiche: interferenze tra logiche argomentative e modelli processuali

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The research focuses on the protection of innominate contracts, distinguishing between the theme of the procedural atypicalness and that of the contractual Atypicalness in the strict sense. It will be analyzed the relationship between logical and argumentative processes (paradigmatic reasoning: assimilation, analogy; syllogistic-deductive reasoning) and related procedural models (typical action, action ad exemplum of a specific type, action ad exemplum of generic type). More precisely, it will be taken into account the following solutions. Substantially and formally assimilative solutions. Actions ad exemplum of a specific type with substantial, but not formal, assimilation having a paradigmatic argumentative approach. Actions ad exemplum of specific type, but outside of a paradigmatic or a deductive proceed. Forms of protection in the absence of a specific reference model: plural analogy -Atypicalness in the strict sense. Plural analogy with uneven procedural patterns reference. Plural analogy with respect to cases which are not all of them protected iure civili.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2014

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