Retention strength of ball-attachment titanium post for removable partial denture or overdenture

Dario Melilli, Giuseppe Curro', Giuseppe Gallina, Candida Parisi, Vinicius Felipe Wandscher, Giuseppe Currò, Dario Melilli, Paolo Baldissara, Leonardo Ciocca, Giuseppe Gallina

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Aim: To evaluate the retention of an endodontic titanium postwith a spherical head for removable partial denture or overdentureattachment according to surface treatment type. Methods: Sixtyhealthy single-rooted teeth, sectioned at the enamel/cementumjunction, were treated endodontically and steadily fixed in theembedding acrylic resin. The titanium posts were subdivided intofour groups: control, no surface treatment (Ctrl); posts with macroretentivegrooves (MR); air abrasion of the post surface (AB); andposts with macro-retentive grooves and air abrasion of the postsurface (MR+AB). The posts were luted in the root canal usingself-adhesive dual resin cement. Pull-out testing was performedusing a universal testing machine until complete detachment wasachieved. After pull-out testing, the metallic posts were examinedunder an optical microscope and the failures were classifiedbased on the cement distribution pattern on the extracted posts:0, no cement left on the post (cement/post failure); 1, postsurface partially covered by adhered cement (post/cement anddentin/cement mixed failure); 2, post surface completely coveredby cement (dentin/cement failure). The retention data wereanalyzed by one-way ANOVA, Bonferroni–Dunn test (p<0.05)and Weibull analysis. Results: AB showed the highest retentionvalue (485.37±68.36), followed by MR+AB (355.80±118.47), MR(224.63±42.54) and Ctrl (113.12 ± 51.32). AB and MR showedthe highest Weibull moduli. Conclusions: The data indicatedthat air abrasion alone could significantly increase the retentionof titanium posts/attachments for use with overdentures orremovable partial denture.
Lingua originaleEnglish
Numero di pagine11
RivistaBrazilian Journal of Oral Sciences
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2020

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