RESTAURO ANNO ZEROIl varo della prima Carta italiana del restauro nel 1882 a seguito delle proteste internazionali contro la falsificazione della Basilica di San Marco a Venezia

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The title of the book Restoration Year Zero wants to emphasize that the turning point, as a result of international protests and the resulting new provisions with philological and historicist ministerial address is set to the restoration in Italy , resulting in a new cultural season in which sealsthe universal value of the historical and artistic treasures. In the practice of restoration , this period represents the initial location for the recognition the importance of conservation of matter of the artwork and then the absolute quality and authenticity as essential. could ensuethe actual start of a path consistent and virtuous, but did not never found full expression .The research has made use mainly of the study of documents collectedarchives have revealed that a massive amount of news on more than twoCenturies of interventions in the Basilica of San Marco. The selection of critical arguments presented aims to provide a comprehensive picture of the events, presenting significant episodes and examples of ways around theinterpret the restoration, the techniques used and the outcomes achieved.The study examined the views expressed by the protagonists who, at the end nineteenth century, took an active part in the debate on the restoration of monuments, and has focused on the action taken, among others, by Ruskin, Boito, Bongioannini , revealing new aspects that induce changes in the interpretation the history of restoration, offering new interpretations for determine its evolution.
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