Response of Origanum vulgare L. to different plant densities and first results of mechanical harvest

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Tests for evaluating the agronomical response of Origanum to four plant densities were carried out from 1998 to 2001, on a local biotype of Origanum collected at Monreale (Palermo), in an area having the typical soil and climatic conditions of the Sicilian environment.Data about plant biometric characteristics (height at different growth phases, number of branches per plant, fresh weight yield) and the proportions among inflorescences, leaves and stems were monitored.Moreover, essential oil analyses were carried out for each plant density.The results showed that the plant density influenced the yield but not the plant height.The best results were obtained in the second year, when the highest values of biometric characteristics were measured.In 2000/2001 tests of mechanical harvest were carried out for each plant density, using a reaper-binder made by BCS. In the second year the machine was modified, in order to improve its working productivity and quality.
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