Resilience, Smartness and sustainability. Towards a new paradigm?

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The urbanization and the vulnerability of a city make challenging the ability of remaining alonga sustainable development path. From a sustainability point of view, the smartness concept hasbeen enlarged up to incorporate the definition of sustainable development with the so-calledsmart and sustainable cities. Another aspect is gaining importance in this debate: the growingchallenges posed by climate change and by environmental issue at large. This issue has forcedgovernments and in particular cities, which represent the main place for the prevention andthe implementation of initiatives against negative environmental events, to develop flexible andresilient actions, initiatives and plans. In the near future, the majority of the population will beestablishing in cities or urban context, so that the active actions will be based on the need toadopt solutions that address the principle of resilience. Since policies, plans and projects shouldsucceed in considering together these three principles – sustainability, smartness and resilience– the aim of this paper consists in analyzing the common features of these concepts which maybe at the basis of an integrated approach. Adapting the definition already accepted for buildingsin terms of bright buildings, the relevance of brightness issue consists in developing a newparadigm of reference for a city.
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