Res utrique placuit (CB 72, str. 5a, 1). Il desiderio d’amore e la sua realizzazione nei «Carmina Burana»

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The narration's externalization of a desire for love (or even just sensual, erotic, passionate) is a theme that recurs several times in the «Carmina Burana», constituting one of the main themes of the second section of the mediolatina collection, the one dedicated to love poems. This desire, expressed in the most varied forms and ways, often remains at the stage of unfulfillment, so that the lover, who suffers and languishes for a girl (according to the usual tópos of the "maladie d'amour"), fails - for various reasons, especially for her insensitivity, which, with various justifications, does not want to return her feeling - to crown her dream and make it her own (or only to physically sit it, for this is the purpose that often , aims the enamored protagonist). However, there are still, in the second section of the «Carmina Burana», other compositions in which the sensual desire expressed by the protagonist towards the woman he loved (or just coveted), who in other poems remained at the stage of painful unfulfillment, it reaches its complete crowning and full realization, with narratives and descriptions often marked by a strong eroticism. Within this "double" path, fifteen poems are analyzed in the book, nine concerning the theme of unfulfilled desire, six concerning the reason for the realization of desire. The volume is completed by a short essay in the appendix and by a large bibliography on the «Carmina Burana».
Lingua originaleItalian
Numero di pagine192
ISBN (stampa)978-88-6485-127-3
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2019

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