Reputazione, fiducia e mercati

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In the last years ex ante monitoring tools based on digital “reputation” are developing very fast gaining a crucial role in in global markets. Based on technologies that enable information about individuals’ actions and reputations to circulate within a specific context, these systems help building trust by diminishing asymmetric information. Since they create rewards and sanctions, reputational systems significantly improve decision-making by consumers and help developing well-functioning markets, lessening the need for regulatory oversight, but also generate new problems and challenges. Manipulation and gaming may provide less than accurate information, resulting in reputational harms, generating huge economic losses and leading to discrimination, either voluntarily or not. Further, these systems may also constitute a potential threat to privacy. For these reasons reputational networks cannot be left entirely to market forces and regulatory intervention is required. This article explores how reputational systems work and which major challenges they create, also devising some governing schemes for future regulation.
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