Report WS6: Immigration and new inhabitants in the Gateway Cities

Simone Tulumello

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It is in the last years that the planning discipline has fully recognized immigration issues asdecisive for their role both in the urban studies and in the policy design. Nowadays, in Italy andEurope, the shifting social composition of the cities asks the planner for new cognitiveinstruments and new strategies for the interventions on urban systems.The present report resumes the results of the workshop “Immigration and new inhabitants in thegateway cities” which took place inside the IX Biennial of Towns and Town Planners ofEurope, held in Genoa in September 2011. In the two days of debate, a number of Italian andEuropean examples has been presented: the report underlines three issues about immigrationand the city which emerged from the presentations: the role and the methods of public policyinterventions, the absence of policies and institutional vacuum, the micro-scale effects of thepresence of immigrant people.The debate has clearly showed how Italy is pinpointed by a great variety of policies andpractices, arising by a fragmented and not yet clear institutional frame about immigrationregulations. At the same time, some examples have described processes connected with absenceof institutional actors: in the total absence of public interventions different phenomena arise.Within such a context, sometimes natives and immigrants are able to develop their owncapacities to face the lack of services and residences.In conclusion, the issues emerged during the workshop questions about the challenges for urbanplanning. In an institutional context where the recognition of the citizenship is an issue far to besolved for large portions of immigrant populations, the challenge for urban planning can beresumed as that of finding local levels of access to the public space, to be intended both as a“physical” and a social one. Can planning and local policies act “social” in a context wherenational and communitarian laws just face immigration fluxes as economical ones?
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