Relationship between food literacy and gross motor and pre-literacy skills in pre-schoolers from the Training-to-Health Project

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Purpose: Food literacy is a recent concept encompassing foodknowledge and skills, and is related with every aspects of lifeincluding health, culture and environment. The assessment anddevelopment of food knowledge and skills is important since the earlychildhood. The aim of this study is to assess the relationships betweenfood literacy and gross motor and pre-literacy skills in a sample ofpre-schoolers.Methods: The sample was recruited within the Training-to HealthProject conducted in the Palermo City Council. A total of 928 childrenaged 3–5 years from all 21 municipal kindergartens wererecruited. Brief education sessions on nutritional topics and practicalactivities were performed by the children, and a validated 4 domainstoolkitwith prearranged sheets was compiled to evaluate a food literacyscore. Gross motor and pre-literacy skills were assessed by theItalian version of gross motor development test and the PRCR-2/2009. Bivariate and multivariate regression analyses were performedto estimate associations, with significance level set at p\0.05.Results: The adjusted coefficients between food literacy and grossmotor abilities were significant for the quotient of gross motordevelopment (QGMD) and in particular for the component of locomotor skills (coef 0.03, p\0.01; coef 0.16, p\0.001, respectively).Almost all the correlations with the pre-literacy skills (lowertime and fewer errors in recognising letters and naming objects) werestatistically significant (coefficients ranged from - 0.02 to 0.47,p\0.001).Conclusions: The present study adds new information to the literatureregarding food literacy in pre-schoolers and suggests that increasedfood literacy can be found in children with better QGMD, locomotorand pre-literacy skills. Information provided by the present studyemphasizes the need of assessing the food knowledge and skills anddeveloping locomotor, pre-reading and pre-writing skills since preschoolage to enhance success probabilities at school.
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