RELAP5 simulation of two-phase flow experiments in vertical helical tubes

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In the framework of the studies concerning the thermalfluid dynamic phenomena in helicoidal pipes of the innovative nuclear reactor IRIS steam generators, the Department of Nuclear Engineering of the University of Palermo in collaboration with the Politecnico di Torino Department of Energetics has been engaged in a work aimed to adapt, by implementing new suitable models, RELAP5/mod3.2.2β code to simulate the thermalfluid-dynamics and geometries such as the ones involved in helicoidal pipes. In fact this code is based on one-dimensional thermal-hydraulic relationships and presents limitations to model complicated geometry such as helicoidal pipes. Therefore the code was improved with additional correlations that are valid for two-phase flow and allow to overcome the drawbacks. The validation work of the models that were added is based on the experimental data carried out at the Politecnico di Torino Department of Energetics. In this paper it will be shown that the so modified RELAP5 code allows to represent adequately the experimental data.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2010

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