Recensione di Utopie e realtà

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Review of Cuozzo's book. The book starts from an analysis of social and political reality, with forays into the world of advertising and cinematography, in the ecological debate and even in the consumer variants of the wonderful country of Oz (because the storytelling magicians, today, are really many). With it the author tries to answer the following questions: is it still possible to hope today? what is utopia in the face of the harsh reality that surrounds us? what meaning can melancholy and the desire for what is missing in a world invaded by technology and dominated by commodity still have? Utopias and reality suggests exploring reality with a new look; as the great painters teach, first of all Jan van Eyck, Hans Holbein and René Magritte. But as the great storytellers also know how to do: Franz Kafka, George Perec and Paul Auster. With this book Cuozzo demonstrates how philosophy is always and in any case a utopian journey to the country elsewhere, at the end of which - amid a thousand vicissitudes and accidents along the way - nothing remains as before. The paradigm of wandering is our condition, which crosses the stable border between possible ecological catastrophe and world salvation. It's up to us to decide which way to go. Utopias and reality is a bet on a meaningful rest, present here and now, which suddenly approaches - as if by magic - the desire for happiness and the world of all time.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2016

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