Rappresentazioni del potere. Le cerimonie dedicate al duca di Maqueda durante la sua permanenza in Sicilia (1598-1601)

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Through the papers of the Ceremonial of the Protonotar of the Kingdom it is possible to reconstruct some necessary factors so that we can give testimony of an effective mixture between the Spanish government and the Sicilian nobility. In this regard, it seemed only right to remove these papers from the folkloric sphere and popular traditions and entrust them to a re-reading, obviating the slight interest of historians who had relegated these documents to simple "examples of waste and vanity". Instead, we must identify them as a tool for following the life of a complex social framework that involved personalities of the titled aristocracy and minor nobility, urban patritiates and local oligarchies. The members of these social groups carry in their souls a complex universe of feelings, desires, tastes, passions, ambitions, hatreds and grudges which, through the exposition of the ceremonial, they tried to bring back to the reader's attention
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2013

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