Radiation protection evaluations about a radiopharmaceutical production center based on a cyclotron

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Positron Emission Tomography (PET) has became a worldwide used functional and molecular imaging technique. Most of PET (or PET/CT- Computed Tomography) diagnostic facilities are installed within large population cities as well as dimensions of modern medical cyclotrons allow to install them inside hospitals or other health centers. Therefore, special radiation protection evaluations to assure safety operational conditions to operators and population are required. This work is focused on training activities oriented to evaluate PET/Cyclotron radiation protection procedures or to study special safety systems. The students are particularly oriented to determine shielding thickness according to NCRP (National Council on Radiation Protection) Report No.51 and NCRP report No.144 procedures, to assess air concentration of activated components inside cyclotron vault, to select methods for monitoring of air discharge from the stack, to check up operator exposure conditions or patient protection in terms of effective dose, and so on. Most of activities have been performed during some stage periods of Master students inside a radiopharmaceutical production center based on a IBA Cyclone 18/9 medical cyclotron connected to a radiochemistry laboratory and a PET diagnostics plant. Some experimental evidences performed with the supervision of specialized tutors are also described.
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