Radiation hardening of Rare-Earth doped fiber amplifiers

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We investigated the radiation hardening of optical fiber amplifiers operating in space environments. Through areal-time analysis in active configuration, we evaluated the roleof Ce in the improvement of the amplifier performance againstionizing radiations. Ce-codoping is an efficient hardening solution, acting both in the limitation of defects in the host glass matrix of RE-doped optical fibers and in the stabilization of lasing properties of the Er3+-ions. On the one hand, in the nearinfraredregion, radiation induced attenuation measurements show the absence of radiation induced P-related defect species in host glass matrix of the Ce-codoped active fibers; on the otherhand, in the Ce-free fiber, the higher lifetime variation shows stronger local modifications around the Er3+-ions with the absence of Ce.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012

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