Radiation-engineered functionalized nanogels as platform for biomedical nanocarriers and bio-hybrid, hierarchically assembled nanostructures

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Radiation technologies can be considered as choice methodologies for the creation of newfunctional materials at the nanoscale, the challenge being now the integration of these andother novel nanomaterials into new materials and products. The possibility of generatingnanoscalar PVP-based hydrogels particles, with reactive functional groups for subsequentbioconjugation, using industrial type accelerators has been demonstrated. These functionalnanoparticles are under evaluation as nanocarriers for targeted release of drugs, but can alsobe considered as useful building blocks for the assembly of nanostructured materials withcontrolled architecture. In particular, molecular recognition strategies can be developed totailor the structural and functional properties of the composite by attaching complementarysequences of molecules from biological source (peptides or oligonucleotides) that will tienanoparticles together.Under the present CRP, biodegradable nanoparticles will be developed using xyloglucan, arelatively inexpensive polysaccharide as base material, in alternative to PVP. Chemicalmodification of xyloglucan will be attempted with the purpose of generating radiationcleavable crosslinked micro/nanoparticles. These micro/nanoparticles will incorporatestabilizers (antioxidants, such as quercetin) or pro-degrading agents (enzymes) and will beeither dispersed into a biodegradable film forming polymer or self-assembled to form asupramolecular networked film or scaffold. For the purpose, suitable surface modification willbe pursued either to promote compatibilisation with the matrix polymer or to efficiently drivethe self-assembly process. UV or quantum beam irradiation will be investigated as trigger forthe release of the entrapped actives from micro/nanoparticles.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2011


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