Qui e là. Le Letterature dimenticate: Indocina, Cina, Corea, Giappone, Turchia

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Some Countries of the Asian Continent, for historical economic and cultural reasons, continue to keep the use of the French language as official, co-official or simply for common use. Consequently, there are some literary realities that often escape to the attention of literary critics or remain, in any case, little known. The countries of the Asian Continent that continue to maintain a linguistic link with France are: the Indochinese peninsula (with Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam), China, Korea and Japan. To these countries should be added, although geographically included in the European continent, Turkey which for historical, political ancd economic reasons has maintained close relations with France. The use of the French language was introduced in these territories first by travelers and later by the missionaries and the subsequent colonization: many of the literary texts written in French by individuals originated in these countries account for this encounter / clash between East and West.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteOrientarsi sulle letterature francofone extraeuropee
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