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Is design art? This question, which many ask, and to which not a fewthey tried to answer definitively, it is the common threadof this short book in which we try to give the reader a trace for orientationin the world of art and design, often insidious and / or difficult to understand.The need for a rethinking of the work and the roles of the artist andof the critic who adapts to a reality in transformation and at the center of the debatein the Italian intellectual environment since the beginning of the 1960s.Nodal question is that of defining an art that, so to speak, lies beyondof the dimension of artistic, in the perspective of a new opening in thecomparisons of reality to dialogue with the road, with current affairs, with industry,with design, architecture and other arts; an art courted by the market,which creates its own market and is implicated in the present.
Lingua originaleItalian
Editore40due edizioni
Numero di pagine113
ISBN (stampa)978-88-98115-39-6
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2019

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