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A hydraulic model was performed in order to evaluate potential energy recovery resultingby the use of centrifugal pump as turbines (PAT) in the water distribution networkcharacterized by the presence of private tanks. The model integrates the Enhanced GlobalGradient Algorithm (EGGA) (Todini [1], Giustolisi et al. [2]), with a pressure drivenmodel (Criminisi et al. [3]) that entails a more realistic representation of the influence ofthe private tanks filling and emptying process in the network behaviour. The model wasapplied to real case study: a district metered area in Palermo (Italy). Namely three differentscenarios were analyzed and compared with the actual scenario (Scenario 0 - no PATinstalled) to identify the system configuration with PAT that permit the major energypower recovery without penalizing the network hydraulic performances. The centralizedsolution with a single PAT installed downstream the inlet node of the analysed district wasthe best solution.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012

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