Protocolo Familiar: sus resultados

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The aim of this book is to report about the main results achieved by Family Protocols. After a short literary review about Strategic Planning tools in the context of family businesses and the evolution of the idea of family protocol, it presents the results of a survey run in Spain on a sample of fifty family businesses that wrote a family protocol with professional help from people directly involved in the IESE Family Business Chair, there have been over the years 90. It aims to identify the results -either positive or negative, lasting or passengers - directly attributable to the existence of the Family Protocol, or which achievement has been influenced by the existence of a Family Protocol. The survey also sought to know to what extent the causes of these results can be attributed to the process of formulating the Family Protocol, or to its implementation, or its continuous supervision. The key points highlighted in the process of formulating the Family Protocol, the main reasons and circumstances that led to the formulation of the Protocol, the points at which there was an intense discussion during its formulation, and those that contributed most significantly to the unity and commitment of the family.
Lingua originaleSpanish
EditoreFundacion Rafael Escola
Numero di pagine151
ISBN (stampa)8461109201
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2006

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