Protocol of BRONJ prevention: successful use of antiseptics during oral surgical procedures

Olga Di Fede, Giuseppina Campisi, Giuseppe Pizzo, Anna Musciotto, Ilaria Morreale

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Aim: The overall prevention and treatment of Bisphosphonatesrelated osteonecrosis of the jaws (BRONJ) have been the goalsof our project structured (labelled PROMaB) within thehospital AOUP “P. Giaccone” (Italy) in order to make betterquality life of patients in therapy with amminobisphosphonates(NBP).Material and Methods: Among all procedures, in case ofpreprogrammed oral surgical procedure, oral antimicrobialrinses (i.e. chlorexidine 0,2% mouthwash and 0,5% gel,three times/day) plus oral systemic antibiotic therapy –e.g.amoxicilin/clavulanate- have been used to reduce the riskof BRONJ in secondary prevention (1 day before and 6 daysafter). Three hundred and twenty-one patients (206 F and115 M; range 45-85 yrs; mean age 62,3) under treatmentwith NBP (80 ev vs 241 os) have been recruited for dentalexaminationResults: 412 dental extractions have been carried out. From2007 up to date, after application of preventive protocol, only5 cases of BRONJ (based on clinical and radiological features)have been observed; the follow up was at least 2 years. Threepatients with BRONJ were treated with zolendronic acid (1for multiple mieloma, 1 for bone metastasis, 1 for osteoporosisin off label) and showed some risk factors; one female wasin treatment with pamidronate for osteoporosis, and hadcoagulopathy; the last one suffered from osteoporosis treatedwith alendronate and clodronate.Conclusion: In conclusion, despite study limitation, this protocolcould be an easy protocol during dental treatment among NBPpatient
Lingua originaleEnglish
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012


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