Prometeo genetista? Per il superamento dell'opposizione natura/cultura, una prospettiva antropopoietica ed ecopoietica

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During the XVIIth Century, particularly with Descartes, appeared the modern concept of nature: a nature as object submitted to the reason of man. Contrary to what is generally assumed, this « nature » as domain to be worked out by man does not depend on the Greek concept of phusis. It is not to be opposed either to the modern concept of « culture ». On the contrary the Greek phusis as dynamical process invites us to think the relationship between nature and culture, or rather between the environment and the communities of men which live in it and through it in terms of a necessary interaction. The Greek phusis leads to a critique of the modern, neoliberal paradigm of natural ressources to be exploited just for an economical profit. The technical arts invented by Prometheus give us the idea of the possible interaction between man and an environments which is a significant one, in a civilian perspective. The social and cultural construction of men in their milieu should be considered in anthropopoietic and ecopoietic terms. Nature cannot be but culture.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteI nomi e i segni dell'eredità. Pensare, nominare e curare la malattia «genetica» dai Greci a noi
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