‘Proletarius iam civis’. A proposito di un’interpretazione di Bernardo Albanese di XII Tab. 1.4.

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Basing her study on Bernardo Albanese’s interpretation of the syntagm ‘proletario iam civi’ – whichis uphold as the original content of XII Tab. 1.4 – the author intends to take to heart the resultsgained by the Scholar from Palermo, who acknowledged an early link between proletarius and prolis,and a primary meaning of prolis closely related to the idea of belonging to civitas. Hence, the authorproposes to resurvey the literary and legal tradition that coupled proletarius and prolis, by consideringthe interpretation of the Festus’s lemma proletarium. Such interpretation is the effective evidence ofa long-lasting tradition that, undeniably stemming from the decemviral precept that embodied thesyntagm proletarius iam civis, joined proletarii with prolis and progenies as suitable terms for showingthe legal condition which is also represented through other terms such as suboles, liberi and filii familias.Therefore, the relation between the terms proletarius and prolis would have been built becauseof their mutual suitability for expressing the idea of ‘belonging to a community’. In conclusion, theauthor proposes that Cic., leg. 3.7, where the syntagm ‘problem discribunto’ is comprised, should beattributed to such a tradition as well.
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