Project LIFE11 ENV/IT/0002215 ResilForMed - Resilience of Mediterranean Forests to Climate Change

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Forest and pre-forest ecosystems of Sicily are characterized by a high structural simplification and fragility, reducedspecies diversity, high density, pest and diseases that are expected to worsen according to the ongoing anthropogenicclimate change. In this work we present the achievements of the project LIFE ResilForMed (Resilienceof Mediterranean Forests to climate change), as Sicilian response on adaptation and mitigation to climatechange. ResilForMed project is co-funded by the LIFE Initiative (2007-2014) and started June 1st 2012 with an expectedconclusion on June 30th 2017. The project consortium involves: (i) the Department of Rural and Land Developmentof the Sicilian Region, (ii) the Department of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Sciences of University ofPalermo, the D.R.E.Am Italia and the Forest Service of the Sicilian Region. The key results of the project are: (1)map of Sensitivity forest areas to desertification of Sicily; (2) list of bird indicators showing sensitivity to desertificationin Sicily; (3) set of indicators aimed to assess the resilience of Mediterranean forests to climate changes;(4) list of sporadic and endemic tree species of Sicilian forests; (5) development of five forestry Best ManagementPractices (BMPs) suitable to improve or consolidate the resilience of Sicilian forest ecosystems; (6) implementationof BMPs in a set of forest interventions on 120 hectares of forest areas in Sicily as a showcase; (7) developmentof 6 Pilot Forest Plans with participatory approach for the actual implementation of a resilience based forestmanagement; (8) training of the regional forest service personnel, seminars and info days for key regionalstakeholders; (9) transfer of project results into the new Regional Forest Plan is the most important and straightforwardaction currently under implementation. The monitoring protocols and approaches, the guidelines andplanning methods defined by the project will became part of the new Regional Forest Plan. ResilForMed is at theforefront of developing knowhow and transferable best management practices that may help Mediterranean foreststo adapt to climate change and thereby safeguard their multifunctional benefits for future generations.
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