Progettazione, narrazione e analisi di pratiche didattiche di genere nel primo ciclo dell'istruzione

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The research contribution is part of the PRIN “Success training, inclusion and social cohesion:innovative strategies, ICT and valuation models”, coordinated by G. Domenici at national level,which ended on 28th February 2016. Within the Research unit of Palermo different assumptionshave been made, including that of school failure in the first cycle which would be diminishedif teachers had implemented a more careful teaching to different ways of learning of maleand female pupils. Intervention refers to the process of construction, implementation, narration andanalysis of thirty gender teaching practices.The first research goal has been that of producing and validating tools to provide teachers withthe reconstruction of their didactic memory, of self-telling, of explaining the “tacit” knowledge andverbalizing their beliefs about the value of gender differences in teaching. Analyzing the qualityof the teaching practice that meets the different needs of male & female students, according to theprinciples of educational personalization, was the second goal.At the end of the two-year investigation, with the coaching of researchers, thirty Sicilian primaryschool teachers and fifteen secondary school teachers have succeeded in building, implementing andnarrating those educational activities that enhance the specificity of male and female pupils. Alleducational practices realized were then analyzed by the researchers with the involvement of theteachers joining in the research.
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