progettazione e impianto dell'oliveto

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The establishment of new olive orchards represents the main way to renovate the olive sector in Italy, because they allow high yields and mechanization of cultural practices, particularly harvesting.The design of an olive orchard implies several important choices (area, cultivar, training system, planting density, orientation of the rows, type of trees) which must be made in relation to several factors, such as farm size, type of product that the grower wants to obtain (commercial target), system to mechanize harvesting, kind of cultivation (conventional, integrated or organic). The application of correct techniques for the preparation of the site, disposal of excessive water, execution of basal fertilization, kind of breaking ploughing to use, execution of the plantation, along with the application of correct cultural practices in the first year after planting, allow to create the best conditions for a fast and intense growth of the trees.All the choices and techniques related to new olive orchards are here reviewed to provide growers and experts a quick, easy-to-read, guide.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteL'olivo e la sua coltivazione
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