Principio di costituzionalità e diritto del bilancio

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The principle of constitutionality is a fundamental principle of the Italian model of jurisdictional guarantee of the Constitution. It ensures that all norms of a given legal system are subject to constitutional review and prevents constitutional review from producing effects that are more or less unconstitutional than the exercise of the regulatory power by the legislator.The contribution shows how the union of constitutionality on the law of the budget has carried out in order to assure the maximum effectiveness of the principle of constitutionality regarding the "financial constitution" and how this has been possible putting in tension some categories proper to the judgment of constitutional legitimacy of laws in Italy (especially those relating to access to and effects of decisions in the judgment of incidental legitimacy).The study highlights the scope of recent judgements of the Italian Constitutional Court on accounting controls and access to constitutional court and focuses on the interpretation of the revisions of the Financial Constitution to offer some considerations on the nature of constitution transforming the Italian Constitution. The judgements of the Italian Constitutional Court on the budget as public good and political responsibility for budget decisions seems to ensure, over time, this transforming view of the Italian Constitution and open new horizons with respect to the nature (juridical-constitutional) of political responsibility.
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