Prime evidenze degli effetti delle nuove coperture sul microclima della Villa romana del Casale

Dorotea Fontana, Maria Alberghina, Salvatore Schiavone

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In September 2011 has started a new in situ microclimatic monitoring to detect the environmental conditions created by the new covering system of the Villa del Casale di Piazza Armerina (Sicily). The investigation regards sample room, on which the new covering system has been completed, and rooms that still are covered by the methacrylate old system, realized in the 60s, and so many times modified in the following decades. The comparison between the environmental parameters related to the existing covering system that, such as is demonstrated by the previous survey, causes undesired effect both for fruition and for conservation, and the data related to the new covering system, allow to verify the better microclimatic conditions get after the intervention. Preliminary analysis has demonstrated that the new covering system has lowered the temperature level inside the rooms and has rise the humidity values, in comparison with the average values get in the rooms where is still used the methacrylate old covering system. These first analytical data demonstrate that the conservative intervention produce, on the complex physical system of Villa del Casale, positive effect to get correct microclimatic conditions. Indeed, the comparison with the values measured outside allow to verify, for the rooms with new covering system, also the absence of the dangerous greenhouse effect.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012

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