Prestazioni di accessibilità nei siti archeologici: criteri per la valutazione e miglioramento

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Knowledge of the heritage on the part of the visitor is the premise for its conservation and enhancement. In order to appreciate the identity of the site completely, the visitor must enter into an active relationship with the heritage, in a multi-sensorial, safe and comfortable manner. But is this always the case? Archaeological heritage is considered a sort of limited case, in which the general critical conditions of accessibility are emphasized. For this reason, this research, applying a systemic approach, is geared towards evaluating whether, in some of these sites, selected as case-studies, the solutions for accessibility comply with technical and performance features in accordance with the user’s needs. The study intends to develop a repeatable methodology aimed at outlining the foundations for sustainable use and integrated with the management of the archaeological heritage. This methodology is based on indicators identified for evaluating and improving the satisfaction of the user’s needs in respecting the conservation of the site.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteL’ACCESSIBILITÀ NEL PATRIMONIO ARCHITETTONICO. Approcci ed esperienze tra tecnologia e restauro.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2021

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