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The conservation of biodiversity is a worldwide recognised priority, now fully included in the inter-national agenda of the United Nations. Several international conventions call states to work towards the halt of the depletion of biodiversity and the promotion of a better environment. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) are widely recognised as today’s leading environmental conventions. CITES monitors and regulates the international trade of plants and animals and it is in force since 1975. During 36 years of action it saved from extinction several species and it is enforced in almost all states. The CBD goes a step further, proposing conservation actions and programs that address whole ecosystems, rather than single species. Moreover the CBD recognizes the essential role of people, in developed and developing countries, in the promotion of the conservation of biodiversity. In particular, the CBD acknowledges the importance of the contribution of those peoples and communities that have preserved lifestyles in equilibrium with the environment. The Konso people of southern Ethiopia are a wonderful example of how humans and nature can sustain each other in a mutually enforcing relationship. The traditional knowledge and techniques that have been explored during this Conference are, in fact, not only essential for the survival of the Konso people but also respectful for the environment and can provide inspiration and knowhow to promote the goals CBD. Besides, CITES can be an instrument for the protection of such knowledge and practices by regulating the trade in endangered species endemic in the area of the Konso, and in the species potentially harmful to them, i.e. invasive species. The publication of the proceedings of this conference are the first step towards the strengthening of the collaboration between the Konso people, the CISS, the University of Palermo and of Addis Ababa, with the common aim to promote the conservation of biological and cultural diversity. This volume is also one among the many outcomes of the always growing effort of the Italian Ministero dell’Ambiente for the promotion of the conservation of biodiversity under the light of the CITES and CBD Conventions, at the national and international level. In particular, this conference is a clear evidence of the never fading and constructing relationship between Italy and its African partner Ethiopia. Prof. Maurizio Sajeva European Regional Representative, CITES Plants Committee
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