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Contaminations and cultural coexistence, as a result of 'de-locating' experiences, find in the writing the place of expression for the most varied and distant instances of the complex problem of 'coexistence'.A theme that today is no longer to investigate in search for a place of comparison between two opposing elements that would give rise to the simple sum of two parts, but in the perspective of finding a 'third', intersubjective dimension, in which the necessity - not always satisfied - of the renunciation of the exclusive projection of the self.The experience of overcoming the 'limit', geographical and / or of the identity, finds in the literary seat the natural place of elaboration of the process of modification and transformation of the original cultural components. Literature is the privileged place for the re-elaboration and reconstruction, starting from the distance, of historical memory: a memory that should not be understood as a mere evidence of a lived experience with which distance is compared, but as a stimulus to discovery a new and more objective version of History that Literature, if read in terms of plural discourse, is able to give back.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2016

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