Practices of leisure and life projects among young students in Palermo

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    Practices of leisure and life projects among young students in PalermoThe recent sociological literature on leisure time has pointed out practices of leisure faceted and ambivalent that help to explain some of the main contradictions of modernity. (Lo Verde, 2009, 2011; Roberts, 2006). The interweaving between the practices for the self-realization and the practices characterized by collective and common uses of the leisure time puts in evidence the crucial role that in their structuring have the framework conditions in which social actors live. The existence of social contexts characterized – as already included by Eisenstadt (Eisenstadt, 1973) – by forms of de-differentiation makes more interesting the contextual study of leisure practices. In this contexts, in which the individualization processes have been less intense and less general, the current leisure practices facilitate the individualization practices or contribute to more general processes without undermining the collective legitimacy of individual actions? And in addition to, the contextual conditions, for instance the working ones, characterized by recent processes of de-differentiation, how do they affect local leisure practices? Drawing on the sociology of youth in Italy (Cesareo, 2005; Lo Verde 2005; Cavalli 2007; Garelli, Polmonari, Sciolla, 2006) and using concepts from the sociology of action we suggest an analysis among the youth leisure practices in a city in southern Italy, like Palermo; particularly, through detailed interviews with young students, wanting to investigate how their expectations of personal fulfilment are influenced by the leisure practices and vice versa how the leisure practices consolidate or accommodate their ideas and their expectations in life.
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