Pneumococcal vaccination in celiac disease

Antonio Carroccio, Pasquale Mansueto, Vincenzo Villanacci, Antonio Carroccio, Giovanni Casella, Fabio Ingravalle, Claudio Monti, Giorgio Abbate, Fulvio Bonetti, Fabio Ingravalle, Gabrio Bassotti

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Introduction: Celiac disease (CD) is an immune-mediated disorder associated with gluten exposure ingenetically predisposed subjects.Areas covered: Infectious disease is one of the causes of morbidity and mortality in CD patients.Invasive streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumococcus) is a particularly dangerous morbid condition inboth the general population and celiac patients. Pneumococcal vaccination is the most effective meansfor its prevention.Expert opinion: In CD, evaluation of spleen function should be useful to select patients who maybenefit from vaccination to reduce the risk of pneumococcal disease. Different strategies could beemployed: physicians could search for signs of hyposplenism on peripheral blood smear or abdominalultrasound. However, the best strategy to identify which patients will benefit from pneumococcalvaccination has not yet been defined.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2019


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  • Hepatology
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Carroccio, A., Mansueto, P., Villanacci, V., Carroccio, A., Casella, G., Ingravalle, F., Monti, C., Abbate, G., Bonetti, F., Ingravalle, F., & Bassotti, G. (2019). Pneumococcal vaccination in celiac disease. EXPERT REVIEW OF GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY.