Piano di Gestione UNESCO Isole EOLIE

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Project lines of the plan are presented in the First Part, through the indication not only of the criteria for inclusion of the Aeolian islands in WHL, but also of the methodology followed in its writing, of who is responsible, of the actors involved making contributions, suggestions and ideas. A particular mention will be made for the role assigned to UNESCO Sicily World Heritage Foundation, the bureau that will help implementing and monitoring of the Management plan. In the Second Part is framed the millenary history of the Aeolian islands that contributes to the same time to give a mapping of the Aeolian archaeological heritage. They are elements of the identity of the site that boasts at the same time – as presented in the Third Part-a wealth of inestimable biotic and geo-volcanological heritage. Essential for any work of management of a territory complex and articulated as Aeolian, is the examination-this in the third part- of the aspects structuring the company (economy, tourism, socio-demographic, etc.) and of the system of urban planning, the landscape, water, transport, waste and energy, of which-in the Fourth Part-was also deepen aspect of the protection and the correction/prevention of risks which are invested. On these bases in the Fifth Part are hypothesized consistent strategies of intervention, designed to conservation, promotion, the protection of specific resources tangible and intangible of the Aeolian Islands. Final and declared purpose is a sustainable development and environmentally friendly of the archipelago that is able to maintain-or even improve – the current and delicate balance of nature in the islands. For this purpose, in the Sixth Part of this work, will face strategies on control and monitoring in the time of such proposals for action by the UNESCO Sicily Heritage Foundation -aim to support the actions implementing the lines of management. On the basis of the above, in the Seventh Part is to strengthen the position of the Aeolian Islands in WHL, both proposing further criteria of merit as the "good nature", and anticipating an candidature "unpublished" as "Cultural Heritage". Finally, in the Eighth Part are listed UNESCO recommendations and the replies contained in a Management Plan.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2008

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