Phthalate esters in coffee brew samples: Analytical method by GC-MS, profile, levels and sources.

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The present study was aimed to develop a procedure for the analysis of trace concentration of phthalate esters (PEA) in coffee brew stored in plastic cups.Phthalates are esters of phthalic acid, generally have high boiling points, lowvolatility are insoluble in water andpredominantly fat-soluble.Phthalates with higher molecular weights, such as bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) are largely used as additives and plasticizers in plastic material (PVC), while those with lower molecular weights are components of solvents, adhesive, wax, ink, pharmaceutical products, insecticide materials and cosmetic. Dimethyl phthalate and diethyl phthalate are present in plastics based on cellulose esters such as cellulose acetate and butyrate.The widespread use of these products resulted in their presence in various environmental matrices such as water, soil and food. Phthalate esters have endocrine disrupting properties. Several studies have shown that phthalate esters are estrogenic and have reproductive effects in mammals. Considering that the potential health impact on humans, the European Commission, for example, is proposing a ban on the use of phthalate esters in soft PVC materials for making baby toys.In the present work, considering the large daily consumption of coffee, we optimized a reliable analytical methodand investigated the levels, distribution of 17analyte incoffee brew samples.This method is based on liquid–liquid extraction of brew; the determination is carried out by GC–MS using SIM acquisition data. The method is more selective, rapid and economical than those described in the literature for similar matrices, which are based on SPE. The method detection limits for the 17 phthalate esters were between 10 µg l−1 and 90µg l−1 and recovery rates between 65% and 104%. The versatility of method as analytical tool makes it an ideal technique for analytical quality control and research and development laboratories in the food and industry.
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