Photocurrent generation in Graphene Field Effect Transistors (GFETs)

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In this work, we focused on the study of Graphene Field Effect Transistors (GFETs) photoelectrical response due to the combination of photovoltaic and photo-thermoelectric effects. The technological steps for the transistors fabrication together with their electro-optic response will be presented. Measurements were performed by using a 405 nm laser diode with AM modulation at 1.33 KHz shined onto the sample under test. GFETs electrical output signals were measured by using a lock-in amplifier synchronized to the same reference frequency of the laser driver. This gave us the possibility to evaluate the optical characteristics as a function of both the incident laser power and the static polarization of the device. We found that the optical response of our devices depends on the static polarization of the gate-source voltage and it shows a linear trend as a function of the incident laser power.
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