Philology within the framework of Semiotic Textology. János S. Petőfi’s scientific legacy II

Mauro Giuffre'

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This paper is addressed to linguists and, ideally, to philologists and literary critics. János S. Petőfi formulated his Semiotic Textology within a context of Macro-Disciplines (MD) and within an interdisciplinary context (ID). Petőfi did not give much information about the relationship between Semiotic Textology and other disciplines, such as Philology and Literary Criticism. Textual Linguistics is chronologically the first among the disciplines participating in Natural Text Processing as sub-procedure of Natural Language Processing. On the other hand, Literary Criticism is the last discipline of the procedure, because it expresses artistic evaluation. The connections between the disciplines can be explained by means of the analogy with NLP, except Philology. The latter is a discipline having fluid boundaries, which, on the one hand, considers the textus receptus and, on the other, organises knowledge concerning past manifestations in an encyclopaedic manner. Philology can be linked to Semiotic Textology if one uses the dichotomy philology stricto sensu / philology lato sensu. Thanks to this connection, an optimal theoretical framework can be established. Within it linguists and, ideally, philologists and literary critics can carry out textual analysis which could consider all key aspects. Moreover, a new form of critical apparatus might be achieved. This new form would allow an illustration of the outcomes of procedure in a very clear and computer-addressed way.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteThe legacy of János S. Petőfi. Text linguistics, literary theory and semiotics
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2019
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