Persistence of Nonceliac Wheat Sensitivity, Based on Long-term Follow-up

Ada Maria Florena, Antonio Carroccio, Maurizio Soresi, Girolamo Geraci, Pasquale Mansueto, Francesca Fayer, Antonio Carroccio, Francesca Cavataio, Giuseppe Iacono, Alberto D'Alcamo, Anna Arini, Francesca Cavataio, Francesca Fayer

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We investigated how many patients with a diagnosis of nonceliac wheat sensitivity (NCWS) still experienced wheat sensitivity after a median follow-up time of 99 months. We collected data from 200 participants from a previous study of NCWS, performed between July and December 2016 in Italy; 148 of these individuals were still on a strict wheat- free diet. In total, 175 patients (88%) improved (had fewer symptoms) after a diagnosis of NCWS; 145 of 148 patients who adhered strictly to a gluten-free diet (98%) had reduced symptoms, compared with 30 of 52 patients who did not adhere to a gluten-free diet (58%) (P < .0001). Of the 22 patients who repeated the double-blind, placebo- controlled challenge, 20 reacted to wheat. We conclude that NCWS is a persistent condition. registration number: NCT02823522.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2017

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    Florena, A. M., Carroccio, A., Soresi, M., Geraci, G., Mansueto, P., Fayer, F., Carroccio, A., Cavataio, F., Iacono, G., D'Alcamo, A., Arini, A., Cavataio, F., & Fayer, F. (2017). Persistence of Nonceliac Wheat Sensitivity, Based on Long-term Follow-up. Gastroenterology, 153, 56-58.