Periploca laevigata Aiton subsp. angustifolia (Labill.) Markgraf on Lampedusa Island

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Periploca laevigata Aiton subsp. angustifolia (Labill.) Markgraf [synonym: Periploca laevigata Labill.] (Apocynaceae – Periplocoideae sensu Endress & Bruyns 2000) is a Mediterranean-Saharan element growing wild in the low and middle Mediterranean basin and descending southwards to the northern and central Sahara. It is found in North Africa (from Morocco to Egypt), southern Spain, Sicily, Malta, Crete, Lebanon and Syria (Ghrabi 2005). In Sicily it is reported only from some Sicilian Islands: Egadi, Pantelleria, Lampedusa and Linosa (Pignatti 1982). In this paper we report some unpublished data and a summary of information of recent publications on P. laevigata subsp. angustifolia made during a multiyear research on the ecology of Apocynaceae on Lampedusa.
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