"Periferie di città" Da patologia a riserve di progettualità

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Since some years, on national and international level, the renewal of marginal neighbourhoodsestate plays a central role in the definition of innovative approaches to urban integrated design and urban regeneration processes.The periphery have represented for many years “the dark side of cities” and in many cases it stillshapes like it.But these spaces make up very often a heritage which is invested with an important culturalreference role - positive or negative -linked to both the local building and project-making tradition,and to everyday life bound to the physical and social characterization of these settlements.This arrangement calls for renovated instruments able to read these spaces in order to define themodes of a project dealing with the role these spaces can play within the wider urban scenario they give form to.In the light of these considerations appear more and more urgent to associate to local policies anincreasing attention to system dynamics, a structural approach closely connected to the dynamic that influence the city and the territory not only a part of theme.Some first investigation outcomes will be introduced.
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