Percorsi della devianza e della diversità. Dall'"uomo atavico" al "senza permesso di soggiorno"

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The volume, in addition to tracing the evolution of concepts attributable to the broad phenomenology of deviant behaviors, traces and highlights the cultural and social processes that are in the background. Constituting itself as an articulated and in-depth reflection on the theories of social action and on the ways in which relationships are determined, the volume focuses on the argumentative strategies and interpretative processes with which the "deviant" - migrants, ,he "homeless" , the outsider and the unemployed - projecting a threat to the social order, have been identified, labeled and marginalized by the institutions over time. Each chapter is related, as well as from a chapeau describes the historical-cultural context in which the theories are been developed (a), from a very rigorous research of bibliographical sources (b), in many cases highlighted by real frames", from one more textual paths referring to the main works of the scholars treated (c), and from a section concerning the implications and current developments of the same theories examined (d) in the current times. The rigorous use of sources and texts of critical analysis, which give awareness of the various sociological approaches, is accompanied and enriched by the contribution of "heterodox" theorists, who provide the volume with an original argumentative cut allowing the reader to interrelate the sociological themes with the multidisciplinary contributions of philosophy, anthropology, psychology. Each chapter presents also the reasoned reading of one of the most representative scholars of the current examined, in order to lead the reader within the author's argumentative articulation and to appreciate its logical-causal links.The "somatotypes" of deviance are then analyzed diachronic - from the delinquent man of Lombroso, to the psychopath, to the mesomorph, up to the typologies based on personality traits or inadequate developments of the self and personal identity. The typologies of social action and the theories connected to them are also proposed through the analysis of some case studies of contemporary sociology - from murdering mothers and daughters, to homeless people, asylum seekers, homosexuals, young people in their violent performances (bullies, extremist fans etc.), - allowing the reader to independently reproduce a bridge between the theories and actions / behaviors of the individual of this beginning of the millennium,
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2007

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