Per una lettura socio-economica dei contesti abitativi: L’insula I del Quartiere ellenistico-romano di Agrigento. La domus I A – I B

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According to the latest researches recently organized by Regional Archaeological Park of Agrigento,whose aim was the definition of the ancient town of Akragas / Agrigentum as an integrated unitary system, we paid a new attention to the forms of living, particularly in the area of the so-called “Quartiere Ellenistico Romano” (Hellenistic and Roman District). This area was excavated in the ‘50s and ‘60s of the last century, but the publication by Ernesto De Miro was edited only in 2009, making it possible to knowmore about it. In this paper, we want to focus on the insula I of this District, dominated by two large houses, I A/B and I E/F, that overlook the public area of the agorà with a high difference in height.The House I A/B derives from the union of two independent housing units, in order to give to the new house a larger extension, one of the largest of the whole Quarter, and to improve its luxury devices, on the model of the most famous Pompeian houses with double atrium and peristylium adiectum. Since the new plan of the house shows a nearness to the Italic models, together with a deep transformationof the previous reception rooms, whose articulation was typical of the Hellenistic peristyle house, we assume an Italic origin of the house's owner; perhaps he was one of the many negotiatores attested by the literary sources, who reached Sicily to take care of his interests, probably related to the commerce of sulfur, rather than a member of the local elite who adopted the way of life Roman conquerors to the point of transforming the plan of his own house.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteAgrigento: Archaeology of an ancient city: Urban form, sacred and civil spaces, productions, territory- Proceedings of the 19th International Congress of Classical Archaeology Cologne/Bonn, 22 – 26 May 2018 Archaeology and Economy in the Ancient World
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