Per la conservazione partecipata, consapevole e diffusa dell'architettura storica e religiosa

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The essay “For participatory conservation, conscious and widespread of the historical and religious architecture” is a contribution to a better knowledge and thus preserve, enjoy doing, the existing architectural heritage with religious destination, starting from the case of the churches of Bagheria, but proposing a contribution general both to the same preservation, but also due to the liturgical adaptation.Indeed, not only it imposes the preservation of the historical and religious heritage, but together with the liturgical adaptation according to the Second Vatican Council and subsequent pastoral contributions offered by the Italian Episcopal Conference.In the essay he emphasizes that any new addition or change in the churches, especially with historical and architectural value, has to be always implemented the dialogue between the communities of the affected Church to interventions, with the competent offices of the Episcopal Curia and the local Superintendence for Heritage.In general, with the participation and sharing they are formed responsible choices, culturally and liturgically valid, that help the faith of the community, and protecting the heritage, as well as not to consume or destroy, but to preserve it as a gift-offer-for testimony future generations.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteLa Chiesa di padre Francesco Michele Stabile Scritti per il suo cinquantesimo anniversario di sacerdozio
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2016

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