Peergrade nella classe capovolta: una piattaforma per favorire il dibattito valutativo e la raccolta di dati statistici sulla valutazione tra pari

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In the Flipped classroom approach, students often have to study some topics and prepare presentations and reports to take to the classroom. Peer assessment in this scenario can play an important role and improve the overall effectiveness of learning. A very useful tool for this type of activity is Peergrade, a platform that integrates various tools: implementation and sharing of evaluation rubrics; peer communication system; task assignment and delivery tool; formative and summative assessment tools. In two courses of the second year of Teacher Training, in two different universities, we tested the use of this platform. The teachers have created evaluation columns, which have been prepared with the collaboration of the class. The sections were shared on Peergrade and provided students with the terms and criteria of the evaluation debate. After their works were delivered, Peergrade randomly distributed them to the students so that they could evaluate the work of the classmates anonymously, providing advice, comments, judgments, criticisms, etc. This debate and the statistical data (learning analytics) provided by Peergrade not only facilitate, but make the teacher's assessment more effective, providing data and information that would otherwise be difficult to explain and allowing them to verify the reliability and validity of the evaluation criteria on which it is built the address book.
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