Partnership for training. Parents, teachers and leaders: the educating community

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Family and school are the educational agencies that play a primary role in the child development. Therefore, an educational partnership based on values and responsibilities sharing and on the mutual respect of competences is necessary. This idea is reflected in Bronfenbrenner (1979; 2001), Epstein (2018), Eccles and Harold (2013) theoretical/methodological models and in the Pati (2019) pedagogical-epistemic reflection.Starting from this theoretical framework, it is considered necessary to investigate the point of view of teachers, parents and managers in order to provide a clear vision of the practices of educational co-responsibility in reference to the Italian school context. We predicted that at the end of the research action we would observe a significant increase in the process of reflection on educational practices based on educational co-responsibility and an improvement in the relationship between school and family through shared and co-designed educational co-responsibility practices.The survey, which began in January 2019, included an exploratory phase aimed at the validation of two structured tools: Questionnaire on co-responsibility-Families and Questionnaire on co-responsibility-Teachers. The second phase, currently in progress, is based on the administration of the validated tools on the national territory. The recipients of the survey are the teachers and parents of students attending the first cycle school. In addition, following the adoption of the Mixed Method, it is intended to conduct a semi-structured interview with school managers capable of detecting qualitative data that can expand and complete the data collected. The quantitative analysis of the data, carried out through the use of the SPSS software, showed a good reliability of the tools and allowed the improvement of the same. Furthermore, a Partnership Force Model has been built which will guide the co-design phase.
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