Partizione verticale mobile sostenibile

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1)Mobile vertical partition, including a system of assembly that uses materials that have a low environmental impact such as wood, canes and row earth.2)The partition can be used in the standard format o can be adapted based on the different intended uses: from a simple door up to a complete mobile solution with sliding or folding opening system allowing to separate different spaces.3)This product represent a sustainable solution thanks to its very low level of “embodied energy” to, the significant technical compatibility between raw earth and the other vegetal raw materials used (woods, canes) but also to the indoor comfort achievable thanks to the thermic and hygrometric proprieties of raw earth.4)The manufacturing process is based on a wooden frame, which size is adaptable to the different possible needs; on such frame is fixed a mat of interwoven flattened canes that is exposed on one side and covered by earthen plaster on the other side containing also finely crushed dry straw.5)The mat is made with flattened and intertwined canes and its length is 90 cm; care should be taken to ensure that the inner part or the cases is ever on the same side of the mat, covered by earthen plaster in order to increase its adherence.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2016

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