Partecipare creativamente al turismo relazionale in aree marginali della Sicilia.

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The integrated relational tourism is a new form of local development, which combines environmental instances with those of indirect income redistribution (tourists’ spending on host territory). Economic activity inevitably rooted on territory, this kind of tourism in Sicily, with respect to globalization processes, proposes a local development paradigm, which is aimed at rebalancing between anthropic pressures of coastal areas and decline of internal areas. In marginal areas, some issues, such as the recovery of historical settlements and of cultural heritage, the nature of places and the interaction with activities in abandonment, are reasons for reflection on the creative abilities of local communities to participate knowingly in the reconstruction of territorial identity, through the recombining the materials of memory in innovative terms. The contribution deals with the theme of the creative participation to tourism, through the description of two case studies, which are characterized by condition of different marginality and differ from typical tourist destinations and from more traditional tourist offerings, showing the various motivations that put in relation places, host communities and travellers.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteAnimare un'alternativa mediterranea allo sviluppo. Il turismo per uno sviluppo relazionale integrato.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012

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