Parietal subdural empyema as complication ofacute odontogenic sinusitis: a case report

Pietro Salvago, Sergio Ferrara, Francesco Martines, Angelo Gambino, Federico Sireci, Marianna Mucia

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Introduction: To date intracranial complication caused by tooth extractions are extremely rare. In particular parietalsubdural empyema of odontogenic origin has not been described. A literature review is presented here to emphasizethe extreme rarity of this clinical entity.Case presentation: An 18-year-old Caucasian man with a history of dental extraction developed dysarthria, lethargy,purulent rhinorrhea, and fever. A computed tomography scan demonstrated extensive sinusitis involving maxillarysinus, anterior ethmoid and frontal sinus on the left side and a subdural fluid collection in the temporal-parietal site onthe same side. He underwent vancomycin, metronidazole and meropenem therapy, and subsequently left maxillaryantrostomy, and frontal and maxillary sinuses toilette by an open approach. The last clinical control done after 3months showed a regression of all symptoms.Conclusions: The occurrence of subdural empyema is an uncommon but possible sequela of a complicated toothextraction. A multidisciplinary approach involving otolaryngologist, neurosurgeons, clinical microbiologist, andneuroradiologist is essential. Antibiotic therapy with surgical approach is the gold standard treatment.
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RivistaJournal of Medical Case Reports
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2014


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